An Outside Clearinghouse

A clearinghouse that is meant for stocks that are located in the exteriors of the country’s main financial center. The regional stock exchange does trading of the equities that are held publicly. These exchanges are meant for companies that will not be able to meet the requirements of the nation’s exchanges that are strictly listed, therefore they are qualified for being listed under the regional stock exchange. It is also possible for the company to be listed in multiple regional exchanges if they meet all the criteria.

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Regional Stock Exchange in Depth

If we consider the United States, a regional stock exchange is perceived as a national financial center and it will act like a home to the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and the American Stock Exchange which will be situated in the outskirts of New York City. Companies that are very small because of which they cannot register on its nation’s exchange, register under regional stock exchanges which do over-the-counter trading and the companies are localized. It is possible for the regional stock exchange to increase the liquidity of the complete market by growing the number of participants in the markets. The competition can also be increased in the financial market.

The History

In the year 1934, there was an Act that was passed known as Securities Exchange Act which led to the formation of Securities and Exchange Commission in the same year. About 24 exchanges were registered under Securities and Exchange Commission upon the founding of the commission. A temporary exception was got from registration for 19 more exchanges. by the year 1934 there was the existence of major regional stock exchanges all over the United States, some of them which included were as follows:

  • Philadelphia Stock Exchange
  • Pacific Stock Exchange
  • Boston exchange
  • Chicago exchange

Every clearinghouse enlisted above had a distinct center of attraction. For instance, a derivatives market was the focus of Pacific Exchange whereas the trading currency was the focus of Philadelphia Stock Exchange. The Philadelphia and Boston exchanges were obtained by the NASDAQ and on the other hand, Pacific Exchange was acquired by NYSE following which their time as an independent organization came to an end. The NYSE came to a conclusion to agree to buy the Chicago Exchange in the year 2018.

Here is the list of SEC-registered regional stock exchange:

  • Cboe EDGA Exchange, Inc.
  • BOX Options Exchange LLC
  • Cboe BZX Exchange, Inc.
  • Cboe BYX Exchange, Inc.
  • Cboe EDGA Exchange, Inc.
  • Chicago Stock Exchange, Inc.
  • Cboe C2 Exchange, Inc.
  • The Investors Exchange LLC
  • Cboe Exchange, Inc.
  • Miami International Securities Exchange

There are other states that have national exchanges, just like the United States has a regional stock exchange. Few of the examples of national exchanges in foreign countries are Landon Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. There is a possibility for these nations to have regional stock exchanges as well. In case of United Kingdom, there is The International Stock Exchange which is situated on the Channel Islands, whereas the British regions of the Caribbean are covered by the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange.